At Bamrah, we offer full scope Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services to Civil Infrastructures, Transportation, Water Resources, Mining, Industrial, Urban Development, Energy and Power projects. We have significant experience in execution of large, complex EPC contracts, many of which are located in some of the most remote and challenging environments. As part of our integrated teams’ approach, we encompass an array of integrated capabilities that is designed to give our clients the full required support to meet their objectives. To satisfy our clients’ requirements, we adhere to a simple strategy: innovative, on-time and within budget delivery with quality and safety regardless of the size and scope of the project. The breakdown of our services is as follow:

Civil Infrastructure

  • Construction
    • Land Reclamation from Sea
    • General Constructions
    • Project Management
    • Ports and Harbors
  • Dams
  • Water Supply/Wastewater Handling
    • Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • Water Diversion Tunnels
    • Water Treatment Plants
    • Water Supply Tunnels
    • Pump Stations
  • TransportationUnderground Railway Systems (Metro)Highway Bridges
  • Residential and Commercial Construction
    • Sports Complexes and Facilities
    • Commercial Complexes
  • Water Resources
    • Tunneling:Water Diversion Tunnels
      • Water Supply Tunnels
      • Railway Tunnels
      • Road Tunnels


  • General and Specialized Medical Centers
  • Oxygen Separation Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Production Factories

Mining and Minerals

  • Iron Ore Treatment Plants
  • Copper Smelting Plants
  • Steel Mills

Energy and Power

  • Gas Condensate Refineries
  • Gas Turbine Power Plants
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Hydro Power Plants